Competence. Spirituality. Embodiment.

 A Better Approach to Life Coaching 


Not sure if it’s the right thing for you?


Use your God-given gifts to serve and receive a double blessing:

Elevate humanity.

Become your best self. 

Why this program is right for you:

You have a deep calling to help others.

Whether you choose to pursue a life coaching career, or become a better leader at home or your current job, this program will elevate your ability to impact, connect, and influence others in a meaningful way.

Faith and Spirituality are important in your life.

This program will equip you with the tools and framework you need to deepen your relationship with God, so you may guide yourself and others through divine wisdom.

You want to keep growing and evolving as a human.

This program will help you become the better version of yourself God created you to be by teaching you how to rise above adversities and limiting beliefs. It will also enable you to embody the principles and values you strive for.

Five Steps to Becoming a Faith-Based Coaching Academy Certified Coach

The Three Pillars of the Faith-Based Coaching Academy Life Coach

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Submit Your Application

(Accepted all year round; $47)

Enroll in the Faith-Based Coaching Academy

(4 months; Scroll down for Course Investment)

Complete Practicums

(Included in the 4 months; $0)

Get Certified by the Faith-Based Coaching Academy

(Final Examination; $0)

Upon completing this program, you will:

  • Be a Certified Faith-Based Coaching Academy Life Coach.
  • Lead by example with clinical competence and spiritual wisdom.
  • Have the knowledge to build a life coaching career.
  • Understand how to create clients, so you may build your business and share your gifts.
  • Have a deeper connection with God.
  • Be part of a community of heart-centered, service-oriented and faith-full individuals.
  • Become a better version of yourself.

Here's the breakdown:

This program includes the following on a weekly basis for a period of 4 months:

  • Two 90-minute Live Masterclasses, followed by a 30-min Q&A (4 hours total) 
  • 90-minute Group Live Coaching
  • 60-minute session coaching a peer
  • 60-minute session being coached by a peer
  • Exercises and worksheets to deepen your understanding
  • 30-minute 1:1 sessions with one of our mentors
  • Optional: Cowork Lab

Upcoming cohorts: 

January 17-May 24,2024

August 21-Dec 20,2024

One payment of $13,997 or 6 monthly installments of $2500

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Video Testimonials

What People Have to Say:

Dr. Betsy’s training transformed my life and now I get to pay it forward by changing the lives of my own clients.

After following Dr. Guerra on social media for years and joining every workshop, speaking engagement, and group coaching of hers that I could, I fell in love with her work. She is the most authentic, pure, and kind-hearted therapist/coach I’ve ever met (and I’m a self-help junkie, so I know plenty!) She REALLY cares about the people she serves and lives what she preaches, so her mere life is an inspiration. Mesmerized by the grace with which she carried herself and the wisdom she shed every time she spoke, I asked her to supervise and coach me so I could become more like her. Although I’ve been a psychologist for years, she taught me things I could’ve never learned at school. She showed me how to rise up from pain with her own life story and enabled me to create holistic routines that elevated my physical, spiritual, and mental health.

Dr. Betsy unlocked my greatness within and I now serve my clients with greater competence, confidence, care to those acquired during my doctorate education. As I learned from her how to support others, I evolved as a human being. Dr. Betsy’s training transformed my life and now I get to pay it forward by changing the lives of my own clients.

Ruth Gonzalez, Psychologist

Dr. Guerra has been instrumental in my growth as a life coach.

Dr. Guerra has been instrumental in my growth as a life coach. It was her foresight that put me on the path to coaching, and I am forever thankful. Through my years of working with Betsy, she has imparted her knowledge of the mind and how it works which has helped shape my way of working with clients. Having her in my corner has not only helped me grow my clientele but has also improved my impact on their lives. I am truly grateful for Betsy and all she has done for me.

Omar Babun, Life Coach

I am where I am today because I work beside her.

The greatest gift I have received from having Betsy as a coach is that her perspective, lessons, and experiences have helped me grow both personally and professionally. She was able to see and hone in on my strengths, allowing me to grow in confidence and give my best self to my clients. I believe that what separates Betsy from other coaches is her example of living what she teaches as well as her constant search for more knowledge to better herself and share those gifts with those around her. I am where I am today because I work beside her.

Ginelle Alvarez, LMFT