Master human understanding.
Deepen your faith.

 Become your best self. 

The Faith-Based Coaching Academy (FBCA) is where psychology and spirituality meet to help you create a life of awareness and purpose, guided by divine wisdom.

Our programs help you ignite your faith, unlock your greatness, and use your God-given gifts to elevate humanity.

Whether you're looking to become a certified life coach from an accredited program or simply want to enhance your ability to guide and support your loved ones, FBCA has the perfect path for you.

The two programs we offer are Faith and Growth and the Life Coach certification

The Faith and Growth Program is a 4-month journey through which you receive a similar formation to that of a certified life coach, with an emphasis on the experiential and personal development side.

Faith and Growth is where human understanding and divine wisdom combine to elevate you. It’s an encounter between therapy, coaching and spirituality to provide healing and unlock your potential.

Faith and Growth is also a place for learning and integrating–where you receive PhD-level education in the field of psychology AND deepen your relationship with God, so you may be made anew.

Faith and Growth is becoming the wisdom and joy of God, so you may transform those around you through modeling by simply BE-ing yourself.

The Life Coach Certification is the Faith and Growth journey PLUS masterclasses on building a coaching business and practicums to help you become a competent and confident life coach. By the end of the 4 months, you’ll become a certified life coach from our accredited program.

In both Faith and Growth and our Life Coach Certification, you get to fulfill your desire to:

  • ✔️Grow in wisdom and faith.
  • ✔️Be the best version of yourself.
  • ✔️Live in alignment with your values and purpose.
  • ✔️Be an instrument of healing, peace, and joy for yourself and others.
  • ✔️Walk by faith.


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Why this program is right for you:

You have a deep calling to help others.

Whether you choose to pursue a life coaching career, or become a better leader at home or your current job, this program will elevate your ability to impact, connect, and influence others in a meaningful way.

Faith and Spirituality are important in your life.

This program will equip you with the tools and framework you need to deepen your relationship with God, so you may guide yourself and others through divine wisdom.

You want to keep growing and evolving as a human.

This program will help you become the better version of yourself God created you to be by teaching you how to rise above adversities and limiting beliefs. It will also enable you to embody the principles and values you strive for.

3-Day MasterClass with Dr. Betsy

The Most Comprehensive Approach to Coaching

Learn about our three pillars: Human Understanding, Spirituality and Embodiment!

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Our life coach certification is accredited by the Association for Coaching at ACCT level and our company is Women Owned Certified.

Join me for a LIVE coaching session, where you can ask questions and process your thoughts with regards to becoming a clinically competent and deeply spiritual life coach who leads by example.