Betsy‌ ‌Guerra‌, Ph.D.


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The Most Comprehensive Approach to Coachingto Coaching”


A licensed psychotherapist with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and over 20 years of experience.

A professional speaker.

The author of Hurt 2 Hope: Healing the Pain of Loss, Grief, and Adversity.

The founder and CEO of Better with Betsy and the Faith-Based Coaching Academy.

An educator and qualified supervisor for therapists.


A devoted wife obsessed with her husband of almost 2 decades.

A loving mother of four.

The chosen mom of an angel.


(above all) A woman of FAITH.

My name is Betsy Guerra. I was born in Puerto Rico and am the third of four siblings. My parents have been married for almost half a century, despite the many challenges they’ve experienced in their relationship. They had everything they needed to fail: from very different (almost opposite!) personalities, hobbies, and communication skills, to the experience of having a child with special needs and battling cancer. 

They also had the one thing they needed to succeed: FAITH.

Mami and Papi are believers. They believe in God, in their ability to do hard things, and in the disguised blessings that always accompany adversity. With their example, they taught me that what breaks your heart can also heal it, if you have faith. It’s a choice.

My heart broke in 2013, when my beloved daughter died unexpectedly.

My clinical background, combined with my relationship with God, enabled me to rise up after the excruciating pain of loss. I learned that loss, pain, and adversity are experienced differently when you have HOPE. What seems like the END may become a new beginning and an opportunity for growth and joy.

There is always Easter after Good Friday.

Pain is only the path—never the destination.

For years, I have devoted my life to spreading that message of hope to my clients, audiences, and loved ones.

I’ve done that through therapy,
coaching, speaking engagements,
online programs, and my book.

Now I’m doing it through YOU.

You get to help me create
a world of HOPE—not suffering.

 I AM 

The trainer of competent, heart-centered, and faith-full life coaches, who lead by example.

The one assigned to help YOU create a life of purpose through service and love.


A child of God, created for greatness.

Responsible for using your gifts in service—and for the betterment—of humanity.