Abundance Mastermind

⭐Six-figure Business (Don't lose $20K. EARN $80K!)
⭐Flexible Schedule to be present with loved ones 
⭐Unlimited Vacation and Sick Days 
⭐Confidence & Elevated Mindset 
⭐Meaningful and Supportive Community 
⭐Fulfill Purpose by Helping Others 
⭐Entrepreneurial and Personal Growth 
⭐Better and Expanded Version of Self 
⭐Spiritually Guided Business 
⭐Deepened Relationship with God

The Mastermind Includes:

1. Miracle Retreat (4/30-5/2): Gain clarity by connecting more deeply to divine wisdom, strategizing your business, and creating a plan to execute. (Value: $3,500)
2. One-Year Mastermind:
(Value: $20,000)
3. Endorsement: Be part of our website directory and benefit from our marketing and credibility to get paid faster.
(Value: $360-$24k)
4. Ongoing support, education, and accountability in our biweekly coaching calls.
 (Value: $13,997)
5. Monthly 1:1 Sessions with our Coaches
6. One page website by Evolve and Web Support, as needed
(Value: $6,000)
7. Leadership Opportunities with FBCA students
(Value: $997)
8. Community & Networking=exposure, opportunities, sales.
9. Training in Business Systems that help you Grow and Scale your Coaching Practice ❤️ 
(Value: $10,000)

10. Access to Betsy ❤️($60k)

Total Value: Up to $138,000

For only $20,000

(Deposit of $2,000 and 12 monthly payments of $1,500)

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