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Welcome, my friend!

I’m excited to gift you the opportunity of creating wealth while elevating the lives of those around you… with minimal effort.

Better with Betsy now offers an affiliate program that can earn you up to $1,400 (10%) per person you refer who enrolls in the Faith-Based Coaching Academy. That’s SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in your pocket for 5 people you bless.

I insist on the blessing part because when you go through this program, you are transformed.

We equip you with tools that make you a better human, spouse, parent, friend, and child of God. We unlock your greatness and awaken you to a wisdom that attracts the most beautiful opportunities… to serve, to live in purpose, and to receive God’s gifts for you. So why wouldn’t you want to share this with the world? My thoughts exactly! And then, on top of that, you get paid for it? YOU’RE WELCOME! 😉


The best part: It’s almost zero work on your behalf…

  • We write the emails you send to your list (you’re welcome to edit them to your liking)
  • We train you on how to make the most out of this opportunity.
  • All you do is share, post, and get paid! (and bless people while you’re at it)

How it works:

  • Invite unscreened* people to apply to FBCA. You receive 10% of application fee AND of enrollment, if they’re accepted into the program and register for it after we screen them.
  • Encourage screened** people to enroll directly in your affiliate link, which you’ll receive when you register. It will look something like this, and you can decide if to offer the hefty discount to your people or not. We ONLY gift this option to affiliates, so they may bless their people with financial support.
  • We only pay for your referrals when students register using your link (that’s how we know it came from you and not our own efforts), so please be mindful of sharing the information with them clearly.

**Unscreened means people you don’t necessarily know and trust to be in alignment with our mission: “To Ignite Faith, Unlock Greatness, and Elevate Humanity.” Our team would screen them to discern further. 

**Screened means people you endorse and trust to be a great fit for our program. You’ve been chosen to be an affiliate because we know YOU are in alignment with our values and we trust your judgment. We still interview them to get to know them and, if it comes up that they’re not ready for our program, we reimburse their investment, minus the credit card fees.


May this opportunity bless you and those you bring along.